Sarah loves to teach vinyasa flow yoga in a slow and steady style, tailored to her students, and led by a spacious, deep and rhythmic breath.

Sarah is known for her commitment to intelligently and creatively sequence classes, with a focus on safe, healing alignment. She weaves yoga philosophy, themes and heart-felt humour as she teaches how to soften and embrace the dance of life deeply in the present moment.

Sarah Carter TOE SQUAT

Vinyasa flow is a fluid, dynamic style of yoga which builds stability, strength and flexibility in both the physical and subtle energy body. The journey of each practice becomes a heart-centred, moving meditation. Breath becomes the gateway to our inner realm, awakening and directing prana to cultivate presence, centreing, clarity and happiness.

Profoundly moved by the feeling state and love in her first yoga class 20 years ago, Sarah's practice has inspired her, carried her, strengthened and softened her in every aspect of her life since. Qualified with appleyoga in 2010, Sarah has continued to evolve her passion by training with many international yoga and meditation luminaries. She is deeply influenced by the heart-awakening tantric traditions and the intense, yet soft and grounding flows of vinyasa.

The further she travels this path, the more she realises that our purpose on this earth is to find freedom for our awakened consciouness, in its physical embodiment, to learn to love more fully.

Sarah extends her deepest gratitude and respect to all her students and teachers who have shared their sacred journeys and beautiful wisdom.

“I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful teacher in my neighbourhood. Every yoga practice with Sarah feels like a little bit of magic.  The first time she described falling in love with my life again every time I stepped off my mat, it brought tears to my eyes because it’s so true.

Katie Cook