“Sarah is a world class yoga teacher. She exudes a deep heart-based wisdom and her classes are profoundly nourishing and centreing. She has the ability to lead her student deep into the practice of yoga and into a compassionate connection with the self. Her sequencing is second to none - and all I can say is if you have the chance to be taught by Sarah grab it!"
Julia Lenton

“Sarah has shown me the way to be completely present - what an amazing gift through her chakra flow teachings. The positive effects of that hour and a half on my mat continue to sustain me in my day to day life - a deep, heart-felt thank you Sarah."
Hilly Dowling

“For years I have 'avoided' yoga thinking it wouldn't be right for me - but how mistaken I have been... In Sarah Carter I have found a teacher who has opened up a new dimension in my life by nurturing a physical and spiritual journey which has now become part of my daily well-being. As a ballet teacher, I am perhaps more aware than many of the physical capabilities and challenges that the body is subjected to particularly as we get older. Through Sarah's consummate expertise and rich knowledge of her subject, she has opened up an array of new experiences for me both physically and spiritually - something which I had never tapped into before. Her teaching inspires and excites me - it fires my imagination - a rare quality indeed and we never forget those teachers who can make that happen."
Louise Parkes

“Sarah is a phenomenal teacher. There are great teachers.... and then there is Sarah! I look forward to every lesson as it is always different to the last and taught with such passion and professionalism - you are hooked from the outset. What Sarah has cannot be taught, she is a natural and words are not enough to describe her yoga lessons. Once you have experienced them she will become part of your life forever."
Jo Tuffrey

“Sarah's yoga class is my salvation. It clears my head and switches on my core well-being leaving me well equipped to cope with running my physiotherapy practice and manage a very busy family life. I've improved my core stability, joint mobility and upper and lower limb strength and flexibility from her classes. Sarah's dedication and love that she gives to every individual ensures we work within our limitations and gives me upmost confidence in referring my patients to her classes."
Kim Brown

“Sarah is the most intuitive and inspiring yoga teacher. She has helped me find strength and flexibility both physically and mentally. Her sessions have a healing power, and her total dedication and love for yoga and teaching shines through. She was born to do this!"
Kate Turner

“I have found Sarah's class both relaxing and invigorating. I believe I always benefit when I find the time to attend. I value Sarah's gentle, thoughtful approach which never takes itself too seriously. Having begun attending with shoulder pain and limited movement, these have eased entirely."
Dilly Hilton

Fun, friendly, energising, restorative and relaxing, Sarah's class provides the perfect antidote to the high pace and turbulence of modern day living. The time that I spend in class, taught by the skilful and delightful Sarah, enables me to physically and mentally unwind, to tune in and spend time with myself."
Carmel Collins

“Practicing yoga with Sarah is pure joy. She is a fabulous teacher. Her kind, compassionate, highly skilled and focused teaching expresses what yoga is all about. The actual meaning of yoga is 'union' and its purpose is to unite ourselves with our highest nature. In my experience Sarah's yoga is precisely that. I leave her class feeling nourished, Sarah enables that – a sign of a true yoga teacher."
Eleonora Gilbert

“Sarah's supportive and generous style of teaching allows for restorative and challenging work, for beginner and experienced level."
Katherine Woods

“I struggled to find the right yoga class – many were competitive and I found it hard to switch off, until I found Sarah. She is passionate, encouraging and deeply committed to giving the best yoga experience to each individual. Physically it has been marvellous for my posture and tone after having my second baby."
Clare Chambers

“This truly is the most amazing practice I have experienced. Through chakra flow I feel balanced, centred and so connected to my inner self, all taught with such a beautiful shining heart."
Jude Newman

“After each session and I float out of each class with a happy smile and glowing energy, helping me move forward positively for my busy working/parenting/social life..."
Lizzie Owen

“Sarah has a rare and wonderful gift in her teaching of yoga.”
Jenny Lind

“Not only have I always felt totally safe under her instruction, but through her classes I am so much stronger and more flexible now, and have no more back problems.
Marie Clark

“Sarah's yoga classes, infused with the coolest playlist and her genuine love of all things yogic, are a real treat. She clearly loves to serve others, as she skilfully leads them through a creative flow of poses, empowering and strengthening all present.”
Siri Arti Kaur

“Your practice is your own practice and Sarah powerfully instills this. Sarah's mix of vinyasa flow, chilled tunes and playful elegance creates the ultimate yoga practice. Everyone needs Sarah Yoga in their lives!”
Mel Matthews

"Sarah brings a beautiful energy to her teaching. She is compassionate and open-hearted, encouraging students to challenge themselves, to move with their breath and play their edge safely."
Angela Stone

“Getting on your mat and listening to Sarah's beautiful voice is just the start of letting go and connecting to source."
Alex Kennet

“I have been doing private sessions, group classes and retreats with Sarah for 2 years. I love her presence and the way she challenges me without pushing. She is very spiritual and sees life and its challenges through her heart which is transformative for everybody around her. For me, that is the perfect yoga teacher!"
Renate McNay